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The weekly Fair Play Awards have been established to recognise exemplary behaviour by parents and supporters on the sidelines of grassroots and age group sport. Vouchers are being provided by Lone Star Manukau & Butterfly Creek to Papakura Netball Centre to participate in this initiative, to be distributed to outstanding supporters who demonstrate excellent sideline behaviour.

The Fair Play Awards is about being a supporter your friends, your family, your children can be proud of. The Fair Play Awards celebrate exemplary supporters of grassroots sports. Papakura Netball Centre will look out for worthy recipients each week to reward the following:

  • Supporters who are positive in cheering grassroots games.
  • Supporters who put themselves on the line to deal constructively with the poor behaviour of others.
  • Supporters who go beyond the call of duty in boosting their team(s).

Winners get a voucher from either Lone Star Manukau or Butterfly Creek (incl. Rocket Ropes and Lock N Load Adventures). The following Fair Play Award recipients received vouchers this week Saturday, 26th August 2017:

Brooklyn Ngaau-Vaotua – Marlins


Caeli Carmont – Marlins


Donna Redshaw – Conifer Grove


Jorja Simmonds – St Marys


Emily Scrimgouer – St Marys