Raewyn Mills


Bernie Loomans

Representative Coordinator

Stacey Te Moananui

Coaching Coordinator

Geoff Simmonds

Monthly Awards & Coaching Coordinator

Megan Lockwood

Umpire Coordinator

Rhonda Turner

Tuckshop Manager

Dennise Biddick
Bobbie Peato

Media & Fair Play Coordinator

Priscilla Campbell

Draw Steward

Irene Timmer

ANZ FF Junior Coordinator

Padmani Goundar

ANZ FF Junior Coordinator

Warren Pitman

Representative Coordinator

Pearl Neighbour

Umpires Draw Steward

Delwyn Sanders
Jill Collins
Jody Dickason
Grace Rhind

Tuckshop Coordinator

PNC Committee 2015


Papakura Netball Centre has a team of dedicated volunteers who literally live at the Centre during the season, ensuring the domestic competition runs smoothly during the season. Below is a list of the PNC Committee and their respective roles and responsibilities at the Centre:


Representative Coordinators – Bernie Loomans & Warren Pitman This is Bernie’s 6th year and Warren’s 3rd year on the PNC Committee. Bernie & Warren’s role as Representative Coordinators ensures all that PNC players and Officials have the opportunity to further develop their playing and officiating skills through our Representative programme.


Coaching Coordinator – Stacey Te Moananui This is Stacey’s 12th year as PNC Committee member. Stacey’s role as Coaching Coordinator ensures that all current and prospective PNC Coaches are provided with opportunities to further develop their coaching skills during the season. Stacey acts as the conduit between Netball Northern Zone Coach Development personnel and PNC.  She is also responsible for convening the Coaches Club meetings and is the voice for Coach Development at the Centre. Stacey has held the position of Property Manager in previous years.


Monthly Awards Committee Chair & Media Coordinator – Geoff Simmonds Geoff joined the PNC Committee for the first time in 2013, making this his 5th year as a PNC Committee member. Geoff has held the roles of Coaching Coordinator & Judiciary Coordinator in previous years.


Media Coordinator & Fair Play Coordinator – Bobbie Peato This is Bobbie’s 2nd year as a PNC Committee member. In her first year on the committee she took on the Media Coordinator role. And this year she also volunteers as the Fair Play Coordinator, ensuring that PNC members continue to adopt the PNC Code of Conduct and encouraging Fair Play throughout the season, promoting Fair Play through the wonderful sponsors PNC secures each season.


Monthly Awards Committee – Jill Collins This is Jill’s 2nd year as a PNC Committee member.

Umpires Coordinator – Megan Lockwood This is Megan’s 6th year on the PNC Committee. Megans’ role as Umpires Coordinator ensures that all current and prospective PNC Umpires are provided with opportunities to further develop their umpiring skills during the season. Megan is also the Chair of the Umpires Committee.

Tuckshop Manager – Rhonda Turner Rhonda is the longest serving member of the PNC Committee. Rhondas’ role as Tuckshop Manager ensures that all PNC members and supporters have access to beverages and convenient foods to sustain them during the season.


Draws Steward – Priscilla Campbell This is Priscilla’s 4th year as PNC Committee member and her first year as Draws Steward. Priscilla was previously the Junior Netball Coordinator for the PNC ANZ futureFERNS Programme.


ANZ FF Junior Coordinator – Irene Timmer & Padmani Goundar This is Irene and Padmani’s third year as PNC Committee members. Irene & Padmani will assist in facilitating the delivery of the new ANZ futureFERNS Programme.


Delwyn Sanders - Delwyn does not currently have a portfolio, but this is Delwyn’s 2nd year on the PNC Committee.


Dennise Biddick – Dennise does not currently have a portfolio, but this is Dennise’s 12th year on the PNC Committee. Dennise has previously held the role of Property Manager & Fair Play Coordinator.


Umpires Draw Steward – Pearl Neighbour The Umpires Draw Steward role is not a PNC Committee position, however it is an extremely important requirement of the Club Competition annually.  This is Pearl’s third year as Umpires Draw Steward. Pearl allocates umpires to the Collegiate and Senior grade games on the draw. Pearl is also a member of the Umpires Committee.


Tuckshop Coordinator – Grace Rhind Grace is not a PNC Committee member, however has devoted countless hours to assisting Rhonda with the management and supervision involved in the efficient running of the PNC Tuckshop.