Netball NZ Community Coach Awards 1 & 2 Workshops 

The Community Coach Award (CCA) is for the development coach working with athletes from 12 – 18 years. It includes a set of modules which provide basic knowledge and skills to develop players at the community level. These modules are delivered and facilitated in a practical environment and are designed to help coaches understand the importance of using a player-centred approach. We are looking at dates as we have had to cancel the ones we had scheduled in February and March. Please let us know if you would like to have a one on one consultation or if you have a group of coaches that would be interested please also let us know and we can arrange a time and date with you to conduct these workshops.

The Player Centred Coaching online module is now live in the Learning and Development Portal. It is in the same area as Introduction to Netball Rules and NetballSmart - Developing Physical Capacity, therefore coaches that are already on the portal will now see the new module in the CCA Pre-Requisites area.  For coaches not yet in the portal they need to register: and add the join code ‘ccapr18’. Attached is the user guide to instruct coaches on the registration and user process.

Each module cost $15 per person ($20 per person UNAFFILIATED) and are all held at the Papakura Netball Centre. Note: Payments must be made in full prior to the module commencing. Minimum of 5 paid registered applicants for the module to go ahead!

Please contact Tracey Spence if you would like to know more on 09 295 0418 or mobile 0274 295 0175 or email

Good Sports Workshops

Kids sport can be challenging for parents & their coaches on so many levels. Join us for a discussion on the issues & we’ll also explore some options & approaches for dealing with them. If you’re keen to give your kids/players the opportunity to do their best in sport, this is a must-attend event!  

Papakura Netball Centre is offering Good Sports workshops FREE OF CHARGE to PNC affiliated Clubs.

Workshops are 1 hour and our facilitators can come to your club venue or we can schedule a workshop for your club at our Netball Centre.

If you are interested in having this workshop delivered to your club parents, please contact:

Heather Te Rure - General Manager Ph: 295 0410 Email:

Download a copy of the Good Sports workshop flyer

Why we think futureFERNS is great:

  • It creates positive experiences for our children and parents wanting to learn and get involved in Netball
  • It is a modified Netball game to suit age groups and physical level
  • It provides a non-intimidating start base for new coaches and umpires
  • Children are able to develop Netball skills, team work and confidence in a fun learning environment
  • And it provides quality experiences and opportunities for all involved

Register here if this sounds like you and we'll help you get started. 

For further information on Coaching please contact us, we'll be happy to help answer any questions you may have. 

Heather Te Rure - General Manager


Phone: 09 295 0410

TBC - Netball Development Manager


Phone: 09 295 0418


TBC - Netball Development Coordinator


Phone: 09 295 0417

Introduction to Umpire Coaching – Online Workshop delivered by Netball Northern Zone

What is it?

The Introduction to Umpire Coaching module is the first step on the coaching journey and the foundation on which umpire coaching is based. It is aimed at new umpire coaches, or umpire coaches who would like to refresh or better understand the principles of coaching. The module includes philosophies that underpin how we coach.  This module is perfect for Club Umpire Coordinators, Umpire Coaches and Aspiring Umpire coaches as this will give you the tools you need as a club to best support your umpires. 

The Introduction to Umpire Coaching module has been refreshed and updated with registrations now available for our series of workshops for 2022. We will hold this workshop online and over two separate nights for 1 ½ hours each time on these dates (participants must attend workshop 1 & 2):

When is it?

Monday 28th March, 7 – 8.30pm – Workshop 1

Monday 4th April, 7 – 8.30 pm – Workshop 2

Thursday 31st March, 7 – 8.30pm – Workshop 1

Thursday 7th April, 7 – 8.30pm – Workshop 2

How do I register:

Use this link to register for workshop 1 & 2 -


There is a cost to attend this workshop as this is delivered by Netball Northern Zone.  The investment is $20 per person, however the value will be huge if it gives your Umpire coaches the tools they need to support your club umpires. 

Further Support:

To access the Netball NZ online learning portal click here