Netball Smart- “Smart Player” simple strategies and great ideas to support your Netball Journey

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Netball Smart Preparation Program- Self-sufficient exercises to prepare you for Netball  

A resource to support all Netball players with a programme to prepare for Netball. Included is a weekly calendar to help you to plan your preparation.

Programme Design

The programme involves the following resources:

• Body weight strengthening

• Core control and stability

• Fitness/cardio circuits

Netball court/field-based circuits

Home-based circuits

• Combined sessions

Body Weight -Strengthening Programme

Netball players need to have good core strength and limb control to jump, land and change direction. Strength helps develop the fundamental movement patterns required for Netball, improving performance and reducing injury risk. This programme is designed for novice/younger Netball players and should be done 2-3 times per week. Minimal equipment is required.

Core Control and Stability for Netball

Netball is a dynamic game involving extreme body movements. Controlling the core and ensuring stability on landing assists performance and helps reduce injury risk. Work on this simple programme 2-3 times a week and develop core control and stability on the court